Index Page


10 Things To Do After Installing Maverick
Apache Server [simple]
Apt Locked error
Apt Server
auto-mount USB Drive at boot
Backup using rsync, SSH & cron
Cron jobs
Desktop launcher Menu Items
Files, multiple move/copy
Fingerprint Reader
Firefox bookmarks syncing
Firefox crashing on flash sites
First Post
Floola, iPod Manager
Folding@Home 2, New Years Resolution
iPod Jail Break
iPod Manager, Floola
iso Testing Natty
Jalbum – photo gallery
Launcher creation
Lucid Lynx, things to do after installing.
Natty Unity
NBR on Asus 701
NBR Favorites
Num Lock, enable during boot
Quake One
Samba config file
Start-up Sound Fix for Maverick
Scanner Support
Script, My First
Sheevaplug – Install
Sheevaplug – auto-mount external USB Drive
Shared Directories with Samba
Shutdown confirmation message
Shutdown Sound
Sony Laptop, Special Function Keys
Startup Sound
Symbolic Links
Sync Firefox bookmarks
Transmisson Daemon
Transmisson GUI
Update Manager – Jaunty
USB Drive auto-mount at boot
Tomboy Notes Blogposter plugin

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