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My Server

16, March 2011

Laptop Server
The Server I use is an Aspire Laptop, 5633WLM Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 GHz with 1Gb of RAM with a missing screen [don’t ask] with a standard install of Xubuntu. I’ve built a rack so that it stands upright so save space and it is linked to my monitor via a KVM switch. It runs an Apache web server, an Apt cache server, backup server to an attached USB Hard Drive, the Folding@Home application, Torrent Server, a bunch of other cron run scripts and the Mediatomb Media Server.

Home Server

Home Server

Apt Server
Apache Server
Torrent Server

Transmission Remote GUI

15, March 2011

Transmission Remote GUI

Now I have my Transmission daemon up and running which I can access from a web browser [see here ]  I thought I would try out the Transmission Remote GUI as this give me a few more option on a per download basis. First I need to add the package with;

$ sudo apt-get install transgui

Once installed open tools options and add the details of your connection to your remote host

Remote Host: static ip address of Transmission Host

Port: 9091

User name & Password

Now you should be able to see your download queue and manage it from your remote client.

Edit: Just found out you can only sudo apt-get this app from Natty, Maverick and below do not have this in the repos. So visit Transmisson Remote gui Homepage and download the or, extract the files to a suitable folder on your system then create a shortcut to the transgui program file.


20, October 2010

Setting up the transmission-daemon to access via web browser.

I have a server running Lucid Lynx and wanted to use it to download torrents which I can add via a web page from other PC’s and then track their progress. I decided to go with the default Torrent application in Ubuntu which is Transmission but needed the daemon version to run in the background.

First add the transmission-daemon package with;

$ sudo apt-get install transmission-daemon

Now stop the daemon so you can amend the config file with;

$ sudo /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon stop

Open the config file with;

$ sudo gedit /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json

change settings in the config file called settings.json to your requirements;
The following will give you web access, and you may want to change the download folder paths;

“rpc-enabled”: true,
“rpc-password”: “a_password”,
“rpc-port”: 9091,
“rpc-username”: “your_name”,
“rpc-whitelist”: “*.*.*.*”,

rpc-password, add your password in plain text, the system will encrypt it in the file later.

This is my file.

“alt-speed-down”: 10,
“alt-speed-enabled”: true,
“alt-speed-time-begin”: 540,
“alt-speed-time-day”: 127,
“alt-speed-time-enabled”: true,
“alt-speed-time-end”: 1380,
“alt-speed-up”: 10,
“bind-address-ipv4”: “”,
“bind-address-ipv6”: “::”,
“blocklist-enabled”: false,
“dht-enabled”: true,
“download-dir”: “/home/bob/Downloads/Torrents”,
“download-limit”: 100,
“download-limit-enabled”: 0,
“encryption”: 1,
“incomplete-dir”: “/home/bob/Downloads/Torrents/incomplete”,
“incomplete-dir-enabled”: true,
“lazy-bitfield-enabled”: true,
“max-peers-global”: 200,
“message-level”: 2,
“open-file-limit”: 32,
“peer-limit-global”: 240,
“peer-limit-per-torrent”: 60,
“peer-port”: 51413,
“peer-port-random-high”: 65535,
“peer-port-random-low”: 49152,
“peer-port-random-on-start”: false,
“peer-socket-tos”: 0,
“pex-enabled”: true,
“port-forwarding-enabled”: false,
“preallocation”: 1,
“proxy”: “”,
“proxy-auth-enabled”: false,
“proxy-auth-password”: “”,
“proxy-auth-username”: “”,
“proxy-enabled”: false,
“proxy-port”: 80,
“proxy-type”: 0,
“ratio-limit”: 0.5000,
“ratio-limit-enabled”: true,
“rename-partial-files”: true,
“rpc-authentication-required”: true,
“rpc-bind-address”: “”,
“rpc-enabled”: true,
“rpc-password”: “{bb266d1472e6b6030d95522cdca56cac6515fd80UqVA7kib”,
“rpc-port”: 9091,
“rpc-username”: “bob”,
“rpc-whitelist”: “*.*.*.*”,
“rpc-whitelist-enabled”: true,
“speed-limit-down”: 100,
“speed-limit-down-enabled”: false,
“speed-limit-up”: 15,
“speed-limit-up-enabled”: true,
“umask”: 18,
“upload-limit”: 100,
“upload-limit-enabled”: 0,
“upload-slots-per-torrent”: 14

Then save the file and start the daemon again with;

$ sudo /etc/init.d/transmission-daemon start

I also added the debian-transmission group to the Download folder and added me to the group.

Open a web browser and point it to the local server


or use it’s server name


enter the username and password and Bob’s your Uncle

Update: For another way to access your Transmission daemon with more per download options see my post here;

Transmission Remote GUI