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My Server

16, March 2011

Laptop Server
The Server I use is an Aspire Laptop, 5633WLM Core 2 Duo T5500 1.66 GHz with 1Gb of RAM with a missing screen [don’t ask] with a standard install of Xubuntu. I’ve built a rack so that it stands upright so save space and it is linked to my monitor via a KVM switch. It runs an Apache web server, an Apt cache server, backup server to an attached USB Hard Drive, the Folding@Home application, Torrent Server, a bunch of other cron run scripts and the Mediatomb Media Server.

Home Server

Home Server

Apt Server
Apache Server
Torrent Server

New Years Resolution 2011

31, December 2010

Why not consider donating some of your spare CPU cycles to the Folding@Home Project, Their goal is to understand protein folding, misfolding, and related diseases and we can help by doing the calculations they need doing using our spare CPU cycles. You can join teams and are allocated points for the work units you fold to give you an incentive other than help out the search for cures for various diseases.

I started Folding at the beginning of 2010 for Team Ubuntu [id:45104]as a New Years Resolution hoping to get into the top 1000 Team Ubuntu user listing by the end of the year and have managed to get to 241 today having completed 420 Work Units gaining 143103 Points. Why not join the Team see the Recruiting notice here and help a good cause, my New Years Resolution for 2011?, to double my points, and as always loose weight, become rich and retire.

Happy New Year All


20, December 2009

Just decided to give Folding@Home a try, it’s a project which uses the spare processing time of thousands of private users PC’s to process calculations which help scientists study disease and in time cure them. More information can be found on the Folding@Home site. The project is run of the client PC’s using software which can be downloaded from the site for various o/s. The software then downloads sections of work from the project servers, works on the section using your PC’s spare processing time then uploads the results before downloaing another section to work on. As a user you gain points for the work your PC completes which you can then either assign to your own “Team” or join another Team of users. You can then track your personnal/Team results. I have decided to join the Team Ubuntu which has an id of #45104. First you need a user name, check that yours is unique by checking it here.

I have decided to use my server to help this project when it is not processing work for myself. The server is currently running a 32bit version of Ubuntu Jaunty [v 9.04]. I therefore downloaded the 32 bit version of the Floding@Home software from the above site currently at version 6.02 [20/12/09]. I then created a new Directory called Floding@Home in my home Directory and extracted the contents of FAH6.02-Linux.tgz to this Directory.

I then opened a [Terminal] and cd to the new Directory.

~$ cd Folding@Home

Then ran the following;

~/Folding@Home$ sudo ./fah6

This then asks the following questions;

User name [Anonymous]? Type in your username, then press [Enter].

Team Number [0]? Type in the number 45104, then press [Enter].

Passkey []? Leave blank, press [Enter].

Ask before fetching/sending work (no/yes) [no]? to make things automatic, leave at no and press [Enter].

Use proxy (yes/no) [no]? I’m not behind a proxy, so I left at no, and pressed [Enter].

Acceptable size of work assignment and work result packets (bigger units may have large memory demands) — ‘small’ is <5MB, ‘normal’ is <10MB, and ‘big’ is >10MB (small/normal/big) [normal]? again I left at the default of normal, and pressed [Enter].

Change advanced options (yes/no) [no]? and again left at default, pressing [Enter]. The program then ran, updated, downloaded the first batch of work and started to process…..

Note: works in Ubuntu Jaunty v9.04.