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Sony Laptop, Special Function Buttons

15, March 2011

Sony Laptop VGN-NS11J

This laptop has 2 extra keys on the top panel next to the Power Button, AV Mode and Mute

These keys are detected by Natty Xubuntu as;

AV MODE = XF86AudioMedia
Mute = XF86Launch1

These keys can be activated by opening the [Settings], [Keyboard] option, selecting [Application Shortcuts] tab then the [Add] option.

Add amixer set Master toggle to the [command] box of the Mute key then press [ok] and in the next window press the Mute key to activate it.

Add a command of your choice i.e /usr/bin/exaile [this will launch the Exaile media player] to the [command] box of the AV MODE key then press [ok] and in the next window press the AV MODE key to activate it.

Shared Directories with Samba

4, October 2009

Configuring the Samba conf.file [smb.conf]

First, create a shared folder by opening a [Terminal] and either typing or copy & pasting the following;

martin@linux:~$ sudo mkdir /home/my_share

make it available to all users;

martin@linux:~$ sudo chmod 0777 /home/my_share

install samba with;

martin@linux:~$ sudo apt-get install samba

stop samba running with;

martin@linux:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/samba stop

Under Lucid this is now; sudo service smbd stop

rename the current config file as a backup template with;

martin@linux:~$ sudo mv /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/smb.conf.backup

create a new config template;

martin@linux:~$ sudo touch /etc/samba/smb.conf

open new config file with;

martin@linux:~$ sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf

now copy & paste in the details from the smb.conf file here, changing details of network name [my_network], computer name [my_linux_box] and the shared folder details [my_share] as required.

save and close the config file.

start samba again with;

martin@linux:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/samba start

Under Lucid this is now; sudo service smbd start

Add yourself as a samba user with;

martin@linux:~$ sudo smbpasswd -L -a my_name

enter your admin password when asked.

martin@linux:~$ sudo smbpasswd -L -e my_name

First Post

16, May 2009

OK Hi,

This is my first post on this blog just to get it started….

I decided as I update my various PC & laptops I will update this blog with details to help me remember how I did it and hopefully help others.

I have now been using Ubuntu Jaunty J since it was released in April and Ubuntu as an O/S since Fiesty way back in September 2007, quickly upgrading the Gusty after it came out in October 2007. I’ve used Windows O/S for may years but slowly started to use open source software with it and by the time I decided to move over to Linux I was already using several open source programs including Firefox, Thunderbird & OpenOffice.

So I downloaded the Jaunty Live CD and notebook NBR img release on the day after it launched in April 2009, and have since upgraded my Asus Eee PC 701 4G laptop, Sony Vaio VGN-NS11J laptop and home brew Desktop shortly after. All seems OK with a few teething troubles with Firefox which is intermittently locking and shutting down on me at the moment. This is probably caused by flash and or the fact I have transferred the settings over from the previous build.

The worst “Out Of The Box” experience was the install on the Eee laptop because the mouse & touch pad responces were very jerky and the answer was to install another Linux kernal & headers which is not a job you would expect to have to do on first install. The netbook remix look good and works OK on the Eee but still some work to do if we are to convert more Windows users. I will add a post detailing my Eee PC install later.