Transmission Remote GUI

Transmission Remote GUI

Now I have my Transmission daemon up and running which I can access from a web browser [see here ]  I thought I would try out the Transmission Remote GUI as this give me a few more option on a per download basis. First I need to add the package with;

$ sudo apt-get install transgui

Once installed open tools options and add the details of your connection to your remote host

Remote Host: static ip address of Transmission Host

Port: 9091

User name & Password

Now you should be able to see your download queue and manage it from your remote client.

Edit: Just found out you can only sudo apt-get this app from Natty, Maverick and below do not have this in the repos. So visit Transmisson Remote gui Homepage and download the or, extract the files to a suitable folder on your system then create a shortcut to the transgui program file.


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3 Responses to “Transmission Remote GUI”

  1. transmission-daemon « Martin’s Ubuntu Blog Says:

    […] Transmission Remote GUI […]

  2. Dave Says:

    I just installed transgui. I’m running ubuntu server 12.04 so no GUI, how am I supposed to get to “tools options” to add the details of my connection? (I can connect to transmission-daemon just fine, but I want more functionality.)

    • Martin Cooper Says:

      It’s a GUI app so you will not be able to use it on a server with no desktop, I use it on another PC on the network to update the transmission-daemon on the server.

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