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Fingerprint Reader

30, May 2010

I just saw an article in Linux Format [LFX133] July 2010 about a program called Fingerprint GUI which lets you log-on to your PC/Laptop using a fingerprint scanner see Fingerprint GUI. I have no practical use for this other than it’s another toy to play with so I searched for a plug & Play scanner and bought an HP USB Fingerprint Reader model No: SK-3350 Part No: 405954-001 which uses the the industry-standard AuthenTec Inc AES2501A hardware from ebay for £15.00. The Pc I tested it on is a spare with a 2GB AMD Athlon XP 2K running Ubuntu Karmic 32 bit with Gnome desktop. I used the version [0.13] from the Mags. cover disc and after unpacking it I followed the install instructions provided. After running the install script with;

$s sudo ./

it listed some dependences which needed installing which where;

libfakekey0, libfprint0, libqca2-plugin-ossl & libQtGui4, I installed these, ran the script again and the program installed, I then enabling uinput and restart the PC. I then ran the fingerprint-gui command and my USB fingerprint reader was immediately recognised. The rest of the instructions are well written and easy to follow, so far I’ve enabled the su, sudo, gdm and screensaver options and all work.